Welcome To Rose Pho – Vietnamese Cuisine

Located in a beautiful Normandy Park, Rose Pho is a small restaurant. We happy to introduce Vietnamese cultural through traditional gourmet food. We serve over 80 traditional Vietnamese dishes, and about 20 famous Asian fusion. We select freshest ingredients, and coupled with talented chefs, we are proud to server you.

We want to say thank for all your support, who help us bring their friend and family to Rose Pho, they came again and again. Also, we thank for all of you who wrote really good review about us at Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook…Your support help us survivor, we will continued to work hard to ensure your experience at Rose Pho will remained a pleasant experience.


The Heart of RosePho

Trinh Lam
Trinh LamOwner
Trinh was born and grew up in Ba Ria, Vung Tau, Vietnam.  She was a MD at a local hospital. As a compassionate person, she loved her job and worked hard to help people.  But destiny brought her to US. Like all of immigrants, she worked hard to establish a firm footing in the new homeland.  While working two jobs but she still find time to cook family meals for her young children.  Cooking has become her new passion.  She decided to expand the new found passion and Rose Pho became her kitchen. Trinh believes in family time, and good food is the foundation to enrich the experience.  She picks the freshest ingredients for each dish at Rose Pho as if she was cooking for her own family.

The journey of starting over and starting something new have brought have challenges, however, with a deep and strong believe in God, it has helped her overcome the obstacles.  The compassionate within her has amplified through hardship, therefore her devotion in helping people whom cannot help themselves is second to none.

Meet Our Chefs


Vinh UngChef