S1. Butterfly Prawns $13.95

Prawns are wrapped with bacon, teriyaki glaze sauce and mixed vegetables.

S2.Combo Noodle $10.95

Combination of grilled pork, deep fried egg rolls, grilled shrimps and grilled meat balls with vermicelli rice noodles, fresh vegetables, bean sprout, pickled carrots, roasted peanuts served fish sauce.

S3. Chicken Teriyaki $9.50

S4. General Tso Chicken $9.95

Deef fried chicken and cooked sweet and spicy garlic sauce

S5. Special Steamed Rice $10.95

Combination of grilled shrimps, grilled pork, egg, meatballs and vegetables served fish sauce.

S6. Butter Fried Fish Fillet w. Pineapple Sauce $13.95

Fish and vegetables stir fried with pineapple in house sweet and sour garlic chili sauce.

S7. Thai Spicy Beef with Green Bean $11.95

Basil, stir-fry green beans and beef in mild Rose spicy sauce.

S8. Vietnamese Crepe $9.50

Prawns, chicken, mushroom, bean sprout in fried rice batter topped with coconut milk served green vegetable platter.

S9. Chicken and Shrimp Salad $10.95

Shredded cabbage, Pickle carrots and fresh herbs, red onion, roasted peanuts with chicken and shrimp served with fish sauce.

S10.Seafood Bird’s Nest $15.95

Seafood and mixed vegetable in fried potatoes nest.

S11.Combo Platter $9.95

Combination of (2) Egg Roll, (3) Chicken wings, (3) Pot sticker.

S12.Honey Walnut, Sliced Apples and Strawberry w. Shrimp $13.95

Honey glazed walnuts, apple, and strawberry with jumbo shrimps in slightly sweetened mayo.

S13. Garlic Shrimp with Okra $13.95

Shrimps tossed in lemon, batter and okra in garlic sauce.

S14. Chicken Pad Thai $9.95

Rice noodle Thai stir- fry with chicken, egg, scallion, bean sprouts.

S15. Luc Lac Beef (Fillet Mignon) $13.95

Fillet mignon marinated with sake, shake in hot wok with onion and bell pepper, and finish up with garlic and cilantro.

S16. Chilli Lemongrass Seafood  $13.95

Scallops, shrimps, calamari, mussels and mixed vegetable stir-fry in high flame wok with our special Rose lemon grass sauce.

S17. Black Pepper Shrimps $11.95

Stir-fry shrimp with bell pepper, onion, ginger and black pepper.

S18. Pineapple Chicken $11.95

Chicken stir-fry with bell pepper, onion, mushroom and pineapple in Rose sauce.

S19. Mongolian Beef $11.95

Stir-fry beef with onions, bell peppers in mildly spicy chili Rose sauce served on hot sizzling plate.

S20. Specialty Tray Noodles $13.95

Combination of grilled pork, deef fried egg roll, grilled shrimps and grilled meat balls with vegetable served fish sauce.

S21. Crispy Stir Fry Egg Noodle with Seafood $13.95

Crispy egg noodles and stir-fries vegetable with seafood (shrimps, mussel, calamari, scallop and fish fillet).