RosePho Project

There’re so much memories working on RosePho Project. Delicious food for us every time we came 🙂 The owner Mrs.Trinh, she is a sweetest women on the planet. After I listened to her story, together we work so hard for the success of RosePho restaurant. More than 60 pictures were taken, there are so beautiful and we proud of that. RosePho is success restaurant today, a small and warm place with delicious food in Normandy Park -WA. You can see how it success on Yelp 🙂 more than 200 reviews 4.7 star

RosePho project:

  • RosePho logo
  • RosePho stationary
  • Website
  • Menu and menu togo
  • Side walk banner
  • Restaurant decoration (indoor – outdoor in summer time)
  • Dishes Slideshow
  • Vietnam landcape, people and culture slide show
  • Coupon and Promotion Poster

RosePho logo

RosePho Stationary