Online Advertising – How does it work?

When a customer goes online for shopping, they will be assigned into different categories and groups depending on their searching for. For example: “laptop i5 Dell” or “female swimming accessories”.



How do Ads get placed in interest categories and groups?

Whenever you go shopping online, your visit has been recorded with all the data. For example: You purchased a pair of furniture chairs at this store at first. Two weeks later, you want to buy another table. When you do a research, the first choice coming will be the store you visited the last time.”

Other information can be recorded to match with your research are your size of clothing, budget, gender, favourite…

How Do Ads know what city you are in?

Have you ever been surprised by seeing Ads that identify exactly where you are and the language you are speaking? For example: you are visiting a website and there is a pop-up ads in your language like “a fast food store in your city is now providing 50% discount for all items.”

With the development of technology, once you access the website it automatic pop-up the ads specific to the city you are located.

The technical is based on IP addresses assigned to computer on the Internet. By this method, business owners can identify where the customer are, from, region, geographic and even favorites.

How do Ads know what you are shopping for?

The process is going to operate similarly to how the business owners identify the interest categories and groups that customers are looking for. But at this steps, it goes more specific and clearly. For example: “Cotton green shirt” or “Ipad Air 4 120GB”.

This technique helps customer find their searching items faster with their individual interests.

How Does It Benefit Me?

  • There are numerous benefit by using Online marketing:
  • Free of charge by keeping content and services
  • Your interests are recorded and many offers matched provided
  • Saving time and money

Online marketing allows small businesses in their start-up get the ability to create new products or services in order to build brand name.

Online marketing plays important rule in the completion among business nowadays. It helps customers and business owners become more interactive. For example: by popping up relevant advertising might help both business owners and customer in demand on purchasing those items. Both parties will not be wasting time and money on trying to reach what they are looking for.