Email marketing

There are many reasons that convince business owners to adapt marketing online. The content below will show you why email marketing still works for businesses at all sizes nowadays

Email can easily access to mobile customers.

According to (2014), customers purchasing decisions are made by using their smartphones. The research showed that 4 out of 5 consumers are conducting shopping, looking for discount coupons and reading the reviews about a product, a shops or a brand name. Another research from The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project (2013) stated that 63% of cell phone users now access the Internet via their phone.

Effective way to keep customers connected

Email marketing isn’t not the one-way benefit to one side but both parties. The strategy is about to keep customers and marketer connected and both get something in return. Customers are now more informed than ever, which is influenced by the development of technology nowadays. (2014) wrote that 28 percent of online shoppers subscribe to a store channel and emails in order to receive the newest information from any new arrivals or promotions coming out. Staying connected to customers is a true real value to a marketer.

Email coupon is a good tool to increase revenue

Looking for promotion is always a priority when customers go shopping. A study by Experian said that a promotion emails get higher attention from receiver, 29% open rate and 41% higher click-through rate than emails that are not customized and personalized.

Fiona Swerdlow (2013) stated that consumers like to print a coupon from an email or show it directly to the retailers. Another report from Juniper Research (2014) said that the number of mobile coupon users will be double and reach 1.05 billion mobile by 2019, when there are just around the number of 560 million at the end of this year.

Easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics

Based on the database of the email sent to consumers, marketers are allowed to integrate into another marketing tactics. According to Retention Science (2014), a study of 139 marketers stated email can apply several kinds of personalization strategies. 44.9% of US online retailers have recommended personalized products via emails. 31,5% of online customers received a unique welcome message and 27,6% of customer responded to add shopping cart reminder on their email. Online marketing plays an important rules in marketing tactics campaign.

Saving cost and reducing time consuming.

Online marketing is an effective way for any business owner to adapt due to its cost. For example: as a small company just established, creating a multi-channel advertising doesn’t stay in their budget. Email marketing allows business owners to connect a large number of customers in only one message at once time. It’s a better opportunity for business owners to reach customers compared to other traditional marketing methods such as: TV, radio, SMS.